What does anodized mean

Anodized aluminum wire:

The anodizing process (from anodizing, abbreviation for electrolytic oxidation of aluminum) is a method of surface technology for creating a protective layer on aluminum through anodic oxidation. In contrast to the galvanic coating process, the protective layer is not deposited on the workpiece, but an oxide or hydroxide is formed by converting the topmost metal layer. The result is a 5 to 25 micrometer thin layer that protects the deeper layers from corrosion as long as no gaps are created in this layer, for example due to mechanical damage. The atmospheric oxide layer of aluminum is only a few nanometers.

Anodized material is ideally suited for outdoor applications
Reliable protection against corrosion
Extremely hard and scratch-resistant surface
The anodized layer is electrically non-conductive
Low maintenance, as it is insensitive to scratches